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Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Little Rock, AR.  Drawing and painting are one of my earliest memories.  I received my Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Central AR.  I am currently Co Owner, manager, and painting instructor at Painting with a Twist West Little Rock.  I am available for lessons and commissions.
My personal artwork is heavily influenced by surrealism and street art. I am particularly interested in the surrealist concept of drawing one's dreams.  My artwork is an abstraction of my daydreams.  These works often consist of ambiguous expressionist environments, and include a female figure.  My work blends pure, classic forms of mark making with sporadic, gestural strokes to bring my fantasies to life.
My husband and I have owned Painting with a Twist Little Rock for 7 years, and have worked with the company for a decade. Through the studio we are able to share our love of creativity and art with others. We aim to make a seemingly intimidating medium accessible to beginners and artists of all skill levels. 
My most recent endeavor has blended my love for creativity and fashion in jewelry design. I am eager to see where this new venture takes me! 
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